Friday, July 3, 2015

Goodbye Party

Two days ago I organized a goodbye party for my friends. It is really weird to realize that I won't be seeing a few of them for 11 months. Even though I can't wait for my year to start, I have mixed feelings because I will miss them a lot! We had a really nice evening with hot and sunny weather (finally it's summer in the Netherlands!), there was a lot of American food and I got many nice presents. We made many pictures and I'm going to show a few of them in this blogpost! 

With Eva and Amber

With Maartje, Mathilde, Mandy, Sanne and Irene

With Sarah. We have the same name, we're in the same class and we're very good friends, which is pretty confusing for all our teachers. :)

With Loïs

With Luuk, Sanne and Jelmer

With Sophie and (another) Sanne

With Rianne and Evianne

With Lars

With Dianne

And last but not least: a picture with my parents and sister!
I really enjoyed my goodbye party and I'm so happy with all my nice friends! This saturday I'll have a goodbye party for my family and friends of the family. I'm looking forward to that as well, even though it's a little bit sad to say goodbye to them. I think it's all worth it because this year will be something I'll remember for my whole life!

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  1. Leuk dat je zo'n feestje had! Ik snap je mixed feelings wel, zo'n uitwisseling voor een jaar lijkt me supergaaf maar ook weer moeilijk, zo lang weg van iedereen!