Saturday, July 25, 2015

EF Student Video Crew

I have some really exciting news to share with you: I am going to be a part of the EF Student Video Crew!
A few weeks ago I saw an announcement on the Facebook page of EF exchange year. This is what it said:

We are looking for students from the Class of ’16 to join our EF Student Video Crew!
As a member of the EF Student Video Crew, you will film your experiences before and during your exchange year and submit your unedited footage to EF for editing by professional videographers. We will create short videos each month to share online, and at the end of the year we will create a longer Exchange Story Documentary.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

My first time in the USA

As I've told on my blog before, I've already been to the USA once. When I was 12 I visited New York together with my grandparents. I've wanted to go to New York as long as I can remember and the city definitely didn't disappoint me! I'm so happy that the EF Welcome Days are also in New York so I can go to this beautiful city once again. The first group of exchange students has already left and my year is getting closer and closer, just 2 weeks left! :) Lately I was searching through some pictures and when I saw the ones from NY I decided to share some on my blog.

I've got the best grandparents ever and I'm still so thankful that they made it possible to go to New York! 

Monday, July 20, 2015

Getting closer

Since my summer holiday started I've been spending time with family and friends, and preparing for my exchange year. I've had (another) goodbye party, but this time for the 'adults': my family and friends of the family. It was great even though it was really hot that day. I still can't believe I won't be seeing some of them for a long time. Luckily there's Skype and social media! :)


My parents and sister gave me a photoshoot for my birthday on the 30th of may, and two weeks ago we planned the photoshoot! It was a really nice thing to do and it's great to have some good pictures together with my family. I won't be able to take pictures with them for almost a year and they are the people I'm going to miss the most. They will probably visit me in the USA in the second half of the school year, but that's still a long time without them! Luckily my host family is really nice so I hope I won't get homesick often.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Goodbye Party

Two days ago I organized a goodbye party for my friends. It is really weird to realize that I won't be seeing a few of them for 11 months. Even though I can't wait for my year to start, I have mixed feelings because I will miss them a lot! We had a really nice evening with hot and sunny weather (finally it's summer in the Netherlands!), there was a lot of American food and I got many nice presents. We made many pictures and I'm going to show a few of them in this blogpost! 

With Eva and Amber