Wednesday, July 22, 2015

My first time in the USA

As I've told on my blog before, I've already been to the USA once. When I was 12 I visited New York together with my grandparents. I've wanted to go to New York as long as I can remember and the city definitely didn't disappoint me! I'm so happy that the EF Welcome Days are also in New York so I can go to this beautiful city once again. The first group of exchange students has already left and my year is getting closer and closer, just 2 weeks left! :) Lately I was searching through some pictures and when I saw the ones from NY I decided to share some on my blog.

I've got the best grandparents ever and I'm still so thankful that they made it possible to go to New York! 

If you've seen the movie 'I am legend' you might recognize this place! It's a museum called Intrepid and the view is absolutely gorgeous. 

We took some kind of tourist bus that drove us to all the important sights. Even though I felt like a real European tourist it was very practical, and it was easy to take nice pictures.

The most beautiful skyline ever! 

The Statue of Liberty.

This was somewhere on Wall Street and the bronze sculpture on the right is called the 'Charging Bull'. People believe that if you touch it, it brings good luck. It was so crowded we couldn't even come close to it so I didn't touch it, but I don't believe in that kind of things anyway ;)

The yellow cabs of course, I've seen so much of them during my visit!

All the commercials!

A trip to New York isn't complete without visiting a musical, which we did too! We went to the musical Mamma Mia and it was great. Even though my English was a lot worse back then I could understand the most of it and I really enjoyed it.

To finish this series of photos, a picture of 12-year-old me. My clothing style was quite different haha, and I don't think the haircut was the best one yet (It's not as short as it looks, I'm wearing it in a ponytail ;)). However, I look really happy and that's the most important thing. I loved the trip and it was my first time experiencing the American culture! I can't wait to experience it for a whole year :)

Have you ever been to New York?

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