Sunday, May 15, 2016


Hey! Here I am again with another blogpost. I hope I'm gonna be able to catch up with everything I did before I leave ;-). This time I will tell you all about prom!

So you probably already know what prom is: a big dance at the end of the school year, where girls wear beautiful long dresses and boys wear tuxedos. There are lots and lots prom pictures taken and most schools also have activities right after prom. Prom is something every exchange student wants to experience, since most schools in our home countries don't really have anything similar.

Monday, May 9, 2016


Hey everyone! I haven't updated in a long long time haha, sorry for that! My life in the USA has been really busy lately. The time I'm leaving is getting closer and when I think about that I have mixed feelings. On June 2nd my plane will depart and on June 3rd I'll be in the Netherlands again after 10 months. I'm super excited to see my family and friends again but I'm not excited to leave Greenville behind.
In this blogpost I'll tell you all about the trip to California I made with my parents and sister over a month ago. My last blog post was all about their time in Greenville. After the week they spent here, Spring Break began and we flew to Los Angeles to start our trip.