Sunday, May 15, 2016


Hey! Here I am again with another blogpost. I hope I'm gonna be able to catch up with everything I did before I leave ;-). This time I will tell you all about prom!

So you probably already know what prom is: a big dance at the end of the school year, where girls wear beautiful long dresses and boys wear tuxedos. There are lots and lots prom pictures taken and most schools also have activities right after prom. Prom is something every exchange student wants to experience, since most schools in our home countries don't really have anything similar.

My prom experience started weeks before. Prom is a huge deal and there's a lot of things that have to be arranged. For example, getting a dress, getting a date, hair and make - up and so on. My prom group also rented a lake house so we could go there in the weekend after. I asked a friend to go to prom together!

Putting on the corsage ...
... and boutonnière
On the day itself, hair and make - up had to be done. I was lucky to have 2 great friends who helped me out with that. We also had to pick up the flowers. Something I didn't know about prom is that the girl wears a corsage around her wrist and the boy wears a boutonnière on his tux (still don't know how to pronounce this). It was stressful to get ready on time but it all worked out! My date came to my house and we took pictures together.

The girls! 
After that we went to downtown Greenville to take pictures with the whole group. A lot of parents and friends came out for this! It was crazy how many pictures were taken, but it was fun to experience it. After what seemed like a million pictures we had dinner together with the whole group.

As you can see, we struggled with taking pictures 
When dinner was over we walked to Huguenot Loft, a place where a lot of events are held. This is also where our prom was! I always thought that prom was at the high school itself, but for me that wasn't the case. Once we got in, the party could really start!

At prom itself there was a big dance floor with dj, some tables to sit on and a lot of good food! We spent most of our time dancing, which was a lot of fun. Before we knew it most people started to leave, and the 'dance' part of prom was over. But, my school organized an after - prom event in a fun park called Frankie's Fun Park! This started at midnight and went on until 3:30 AM. We had to get tickets and after that we could go in all the attractions for free; gokarts, lasergame and a lot of other fun things. Even though everyone was tired, it was still really cool and a good way to end prom night!

During the few hours that were left from that night, I slept over at a friends house. The next day we left to go to the lake! My prom group decided to rent a lake house for the weekend, and that's where we stayed the Saturday and Sunday after prom. It was a super pretty house with a dock and lots of canoes. The water was kinda cold so we mostly lay in the sun!

The view from the lake house
After a while we decided to take some group pictures on the dock. What we didn't know was that the dock couldn't hold us all. So, when we were about to finish taking pictures, the whole thing collapsed! It was really scary but luckily no one was hurt. It really reminded us of this picture though:

This is basically what happened to us. Sadly enough no one got a picture of it.

After a really fun weekend at the lake it was time to go home again, and to try to get some sleep (because we didn't get a lot of that during the weekend!). Prom was such a fun, typically American experience and I enjoyed it for sure! 

What do you think of prom? 


  1. Wat gaaf! Zo'n prom heb ik al zo vaak in films gezien haha, zou ik best eens mee willen maken! Het klinkt in ieder geval heel gezellig!

  2. I will experience it some day.

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