Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Within two months I'll be living in a typical American suburb of Greenville in South Carolina, which is called Taylors. I've been walking through it in street view and it looks so nice and American. In this post I want to tell you something about Greenville!

Blue Ridge mountains
Greenville has a population of around 61,000 people and the population of the surrounding area is really big with 400,000 people! The city is in the Northern part of South Carolina, also called 'The Upstate'. It's ranked in the top 10 of fastest growing cities in the US.
Greenville is in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, a part of the Appalachian mountains, and they are really beautiful. The highest point of the state is also located there. Because of that, there are many opportunities for hiking, cycling and even rafting.
Greenville has occasional earthquakes even though they are minor. I have never experienced an earthquake and I hope I'll never will!

My host family told me that especially the downtown area is very nice. From May to October there are markets every saturday with much fresh food and homemade goods. I can't wait to visit one of them! The town is also close to many things: the mountains, the beach and other big cities.
In the video you may have already seen some places you can visit in Greenville, for example 'Falls Park on the Reedy' with the beautiful waterfalls, many museums, restaurants, shops and cultural places. The town has a big art scene with things like concerts, musicals and movies.

Even though I think the place where you live doesn't really matter for an high school year (in my opinion a nice host family is way more important, and you'll spend most of your time at school anyway) I think I'll have a great time in Greenville!

The location of Greenville in South Carolina


  1. Wauw Greenville ziet er echt heeel mooi uit op dat filmpje! Die watervallen zijn echt gaaf. Het gaat echt zo snel allemaal haha het lijkt echt alsof je pas net hebt besloten dat je gaat :p

  2. Ziet er zo leuk uit! Die markets klinken echt gaaf!