Sunday, April 26, 2015

EF Workshop day

Yesterday EF organized a day especially for exchange students who are leaving this summer to the USA, Great Britain or Ireland! It was amazing to meet the other exchange students and everyone was really nice :)
The day took place at the EF office in Amsterdam, where we got workshops about Social Media for example. We also did some fun team building activities and we got a quiz with all kind of questions about our exchange year.
We got a lot of information about the customs of our host countries, what to do and what not to do during our year, cultural differences and so on. And let's just don't forget about our awesome CLASS OF '16 t-shirts!
After the workshop we had dinner in the centre of Amsterdam with a small group of exchange students which was delicious and a lot of fun.
This day made me look forward to my exchange year even more, only 3 months to go!


  1. Ik wil ook :( Maar ik heb daar ├ęcht geen geld voor..

    1. Dat is echt jammer! EF heeft ook studiebeurzen, misschien kun je daar eens naar kijken :)