Tuesday, April 21, 2015

American Bucket List

There are a few things (almost) every exchange student wants to do, especially when they are going to the USA. And those are also the things I’m looking forward to for my exchange year. I decided to make a bucket list with things I’d love to do next year. Enjoy reading!

Dress up for halloween
Here in the Netherlands we don’t really celebrate Halloween. Okay, there might be some Halloween movies on the television and maybe some Halloween themed parties, but it’s not celebrated as big as in the USA. We don’t decorate our houses or do ‘Trick and Treat’. So that’s something I’d love to do next year: I definitely want to dress up in some weird costume and see all those decorated houses.

Go to prom
In my opinion this is the ultimate exchange thing, haha :) In the Netherlands the school parties aren’t a big thing, at least not at my school. But in the USA prom is a really big thing, and weeks before girls are already looking for the perfect dress. I would normally never wear those, but for an occasion like that it’s really nice. When I see the beautiful pictures of current exchange students I can’t wait to experience prom myself.

Watch high school games
The high school spirit is so much bigger in the USA, and that’s why I’d love to go to a game. Football for example, even though I don’t think I’ll even understand the rules. Just to see the cheerleaders and football players and experience the school spirit.

Visit New York
This is something I’m definitely going to do this summer, thanks to EF. I think this city is typical for the USA, it’s the first thing many people think about. I don’t think I really have to explain this thing on my bucket list, because who doesn’t love New York?

Spirit week
I hadn't even heard of this before I made my decision to go to the USA. It's the week prior to homecoming (a big football game and dance) where the students show their school spirit and supports the football team. Every day of the week has a theme and you dress up accordingly. Examples are 'Nerd day' or 'Hollywood day'. This seems like a really fun week to me that I'd love to experience :)

Black friday shopping
Black Friday is the start of the holiday shopping season on the day after Thanksgiving. Shops open very early and give big discounts. It's the busiest shopping day of the year. When I see videos of this it always seems like a big chaos and I think it must be a lot of fun.

What do you want to do during your exchange year?


  1. Leuk lijstje! Een keer echt goed Halloween vieren lijkt me echt leuk! Ook lijkt zo'n prom me echt grappig :)

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  3. Is het niet heel duur om al die costuums enzo te kopen? No offence, want ik zou al die dingen ook graag willen doen.