Sunday, February 1, 2015

Travel TAG (been there, done that)

Hi everyone,
Because my exchange year has a lot to do with traveling, I decided to fill in the travel TAG that I translated from Dutch to English. One of the reasons I chose to go abroad is because I love seeing new places and experiencing different cultures. I'm lucky that my parents and school gave me the opportunity to already see some beautiful places in the world. But I like it just as much to travel in my own country, and I absolutely don't want to brag about the travels I made.

So, there we go!

Which countries in the world have you already visited?
In Europe: The Netherlands (of course), France, Spain, Portugal (actually the island Madeira), Italy, the UK, Germany and Austria.
Outside Europe: China, the USA, the UAE (Dubai), Oman, Thailand, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Swaziland.

The Maldives
Which destination is on top of your wish list?
I'd love to see more of the USA (I've only been to NY for a few days). And I'd also like to visit Australia or New Zealand once. I often see pictures of beautiful beaches in the Maldives like the one here. That's a dream destination for me!

What is your most ideal holiday?
My most ideal holiday would be one with nice people like friends and family. The destination doesn't really matter, but I like a more active holiday rather than a passive one. So not lying near a pool or beach all day, but going out and exploring the surroundings. And there's nothing wrong with a day relaxing between all the sightseeing. :)

A long time ago in Italy with my sister
Which place was so special that you want to visit it again?
I visited South Africa this summer but we didn't have the chance to go to Cape Town. I'd love to go there because it looks like a beautiful city! I would also love to visit Italy again because it's a really beautiful country with much history, nice cities and a good temperature in summer!

Have you ever been on holiday in the Netherlands? If yes, where?
Yes! When I was a lot younger (10 years) I made a covered wagon ride (huifkartocht) with my grandparents, cousin and sister. We hired it for a few days, together with a horse who pulled the wagon. We went to different camping places and had a lot of fun!
Last year, I went to a camping in the south of the Netherlands where a friend was staying with her family. I stayed there for a few days an it was really nice. I also visited Amsterdam many times and hired a cottage with my family near the beach.

Would you prefer a ski - or sun vacation?
That's a difficult one, but I think I prefer a ski vacation. When I was younger I used to go skiing in the winter with my family, but we haven't done it for a few years. I have many good memories from the weeks we spend in Austria! I also like a sun vacation, but I don't like it to sit in the sun the whole day. I prefer to be a little more active and skiing is perfect for that!

Burj Khalifa: tallest building in the world
What is your best holiday memory?
I think that's when I went to Dubai. My 4 cousins, uncle and aunt are living there for a few years now.  I visited Dubai twice to see them! Dubai is a really special city because everything is so high, big and surrealistic. But there are also cultural things to visit, like the souks. It was really nice to see my family again and to see how they live there. And I can say now that I stood on the tallest building in the world, which was amazing!

What is your least best holiday memory?
I once took the boat from the island Sardegna (which belongs to Italy) to Corsica (France). That doesn't sound really bad, but we didn't think about the slightly stormy weather. As you can guess, there where many big waves and the boat moved in all kinds of directions. That made me and my sister (and many others on the boat) really seasick.

Which countries are you going to visit for holiday this year?
Well, in a few weeks I'm actually going to Lisbon, which will be the last trip I take with my family before I'm leaving to the USA. From what I've seen and read about the city it seems really beautiful. So if you've once visited Lisbon, let me know!
My year in the USA also includes 'Welcome Days' in New York so I'm visiting the Big Apple as well.  And of course the place where I'm going to live next year!

Show your nicest holiday picture!

Cycling in Thailand!

What is your favorite holiday memory?


  1. Wauw! Wat ben je al op veel plaatsen geweest! Kom ik aanzetten met corsicaaaa ;)

  2. Leuke TAG! En jemig wat ben je al op veel plekken geweest haha. Mijn favoriete herinnering is op vakantie rond oud en nieuw in de Ardennen, dat was echt een hele mooie plek.

  3. Wat een super leuke tag! Heel tof om te lezen!

  4. Hey Sarah! I found your blog on EF's blogging platform and I love it. I was wondering if I could use this tag on my own blog, citing you as a source? I kinda need to stock up on blogging material for now since I'm still waiting on a family and there's not much to write about. Great pictures!

    1. Of course you can use it on your blog, I'm curious to read your answers! I have the same problem, I hope we'll get a family soon :)

  5. Hey there! Just like Allegra I found your blog through EF's bloggersabroad (mine is and I really really like this travel tag, can I use it too? Thank you so much in advice, I'm running out of things to blog about even though I already have my host family ahah

    1. Yes of course you can use it! I really like your blog by the way :)

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